Michael David Little

Mike Little is a Phoenix artist. I love his work.

You can usually find him and/or his work somewhere at First Fridays art walk.

I shot these photos over the last couple years when I was downtown with a camera.

I wish I had more photos of his actual art, but I normally don't feel good shooting photos of art without permission.

The photos of his art you see here were all shot on the street!

These were at Conspire, a coffee shop in downtown Phoenix.

These were shot at a random party where they had art supplies for people to play with.

Mike Little didn't know I was shooting any of the photos on this page, except the two of him in the window.

When I asked him if I could shoot his photo, he said: "As long as it's not for any big magazine or anything like that."

These last photos were shot at one of his shows at a First Fridays art walk in downtown Phoenix.
I don't know that the sticky note idea was his, but I would guess it was.


Anonymous said...

I have 6 of Mike's Pieces. The best $10,000 I ever Spent.

Anonymous said...

MDL a great Artist...

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